Budha Dal Ideology

The Akali Nihang Singh ideology carries a range of complex philosophies within its ethos. These are based primarily upon spiritual and martial aspects of life and are to be given the utmost consideration. The Khalsa’s unique philosophy discusses ideas which contain not only mythical origins, but martial origins along with sakhis from the times of the 10 Gurus.

The Nihang Singh order has its roots in the Akaal Sena (God’s Army), the army that Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji had established in a time where the Mughal Empire had ravished India for its spoils. The Bidhi Chand Dal, whose modern-day headquarters are in the village of Sursingh, Amritsar, claim lineage from Baba Bidhi Chand Chhina, a great disciple of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the 6th Sikh Guru, and who had seen Baba Ji as their son.

The Nihang Singh order can, henceforth, claim a lineage of over 400 years, and the Nihang Singhs are therefore the proprietors of the traditions, spiritual and marital (history) of the Sikh faith.